About John Ryan

Welcome to The 7% Solution, I’m John Ryan.

My purpose for this site and everything I do is to empower you and your sales team with the tools and techniques that you can use to increase your sales.

My area of expertise is in sales strategies, sales systems, and high performance. For over a decade I’ve been studying, researching, and working with top performers, constantly looking for the difference that makes the difference. And what I’ve found is that success is not an accident. There are specific ways that top performers think, communicate, and behave that enables them to become the best of the best.

And here’s the good news!

It is completely teachable. Once you learn the components, it is just a matter of applying the principles in your own business.

You may have heard the idea that if you know how someone did something, you can reproduce their results by taking the same steps. It’s an attractive idea and to some extent it’s true, but if you’ve ever put this into practice, you know that something is often missing. Why is that?

People who are great at something often don’t know why they’re great at it.

Sometimes sales success is a byproduct of being a “natural.” These are people who are just “natural salespeople.” They’ve always been good at selling and they don’t necessarily know what it is that makes them good.

And to help someone go from good to great or to take someone who struggles in sales to being a sales superstar, you need two things:

  1. Someone who has been in the trenches, who’s been there done that, and who had to figure out how to sell.
  2. An understanding that duplicating other people’s actions isn’t a surefire path to success. It is not just about their actions; it is about their entire process both in terms of mindset and mechanics!

That’s what I teach through The 7% Solution and the Kinetic Success Model. It’s the difference that makes the difference in achieving results.

The 7% Solution

The 7% Solution is a philosophy. It is the study of what the top 7% of performers do that the other 93% don’t. From this philosophy emerges the Kinetic Success Model which has three parts: Psychonetics (what you think), Humanetics (how you communicate) and Actionetics (what you do). Combined, these three pieces are the fundamentals of sales success.

Professional Bio

John Ryan, MBA, MSW, PhD is a leading expert on sales strategies and sales systems, providing training, coaching, and consulting to thousands of individuals and organizations each year. With over a decade of experience in the training industry, John delivers customized, captivating seminars and workshops that produce highly effective sales teams and organizations.

As a Certified Sales Trainer and Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), John’s mission is to empower others to fulfill their highest potential. John assists his clients in achieving greater success by sharing with them the philosophy of The 7% Solution and the principles of the Kinetic Success Model. For more information on The 7% Solution and the Kinetic Success Model, click here.

Personal Bio

Before I started training and coaching sales teams and sales professionals, I began my career in sales. One of the first sales companies I worked with was a major car rental company. I was quickly promoted several times and was recruited into the fleet sales division. In my first 4 months of fleet sales, I closed $4 Million of business and was ranked #2 nationally.

Soon after the rankings were published, I was called into my boss’s office; I was excited and thinking that I was going to be congratulated on my success.

My boss said, “I’m concerned about your performance.” I responded, “What do you mean, I’m #2 in the country.”

He agreed but then asked, “How many appointments do you have scheduled for next month? How many presentations do you have scheduled?” Unfortunately, the answer for both those questions was none.

And he said, “For that reason, we’re going to have to let you go.”

I was shocked and devastated. I went from being ON FIRE to FIRED in an instant.

For a long time, I resented that situation and my boss and I blamed it on personality differences. After the emotions subsided, I realized he was right.

As I think about it now, the reason I had that early success was because I got lucky. I happened to call the right people at the right time and made some great sales. But luck is not a sustainable strategy. Luck is not a business plan and it certainly isn’t something you can bank on.

I didn’t have a sales plan that I could use over and over again to generate consistent sales.  What I needed was a sales process. And I set out to study and discover what it meant to have a repeatable sales system.

And once I learned the process, I not only become a top performer for the companies that I worked with since, but I’ve been able to create consistent success based on a system rather than luck. And now I’m privileged to share these systems with people all across the country.

If you’d like to connect and learn more about how I can share proven sales systems and strategies with you and your sales team, click here to contact me.